Bev Ross, musician, composer and songwriter

Healing Harp Harp Haven - The Album
Across centuries and cultures, harps and healing have travelled hand in hand.

Bev's interest in harp therapy has grown out of her lifelong commitment to the power of music to move us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Bev is a certified therapeutic harp practitioner. Over the past decade, working at the Cross Cancer Institute and the University of Alberta Hospital, she has brought gentle, healing music to hundreds of patients.

A working musician since her teens, Bev is a composer and songwriter whose music has been heard on stages and broadcasts across Canada.

  Relax your body, release your worries and restore your spirit with 45 minutes of soothing Celtic melodies on harp, cello, violin and Irish flute.

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Bev Ross, Harp Haven: 45 minutes of soothing Celtic melodies

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"I have witnessed very anxious and distressed patients become completely relaxed and actually fall asleep during their encounter with Bev."
Mary Michaud, RN, CONC©, CHPC©, Nurse Consultant, Cross Cancer Institute


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